Services & Rates

Long Hill Media’s programs reflect expertise gained from dozens of custom projects we’ve executed over the years.

We deploy research, analytics-based content, production, promotion and lead generation for our partners. At the end of the campaign you own the material to house on your site and drive additional leads. Our process has the following phases:

  • Ideation. We come up with topic and title treatments. A kick-off call is standard.
  • Timelines. We build out a schedule to meet your needs, and we outline all checkpoints.
  • Abstracts and Outlines. These are developed by us and revised and approved by your team before work is begun.”
  • Drafts and Revisions. As needed prior to editorial completion.
  • Full layout and digital design services. Great content has to look great too
  • Promotion. We work with you to communicate with your prospects and customers, including through your list as we as build new names and segments.
  • Once approved, you own the assets. Use your content is different contexts.


Convert our market expertise into your actionable business intelligence and leads. Long Hill Media works in conjunction with your team to write, deploy, and tabulate a custom survey. LHM will analyze the data to create a custom-branded report. Access to the report can be selective, thus serving as a lead-generation mechanism. We will:

  • Write and design the final report for print and digital distribution.
  • Provide all data and final survey results to you to utilize in other offerings.
  • Agree in advance on a minimum number of responses.
  • Promote the research through dedicated eblasts and social media.

Rate: Variable

Eletter Services

We consult with you to strategize your message, develop KPIs, write your content, and design your newsletter. We provide statistical reporting for campaign measurement.

Rate: Variable

White Papers

Ranging in length from four to eight pages, White Papers have long been one of the most effective tools for education, brand positioning, thought leadership and lead generation. They are a great multi-purpose asset that can be written to draw new leads into the funnel or as a way to nurture leads through the funnel process.

Rates: $2,000/page


A longer-form version of a white paper, with more in-depth exploration of a topic. Ebooks are increasingly an option for showcasing market expertise.

Rates: $2,000/page


Let Long Hill Media work with you to bring together select executives to discuss top trends in a specific area. This provides a forum for executives to connect with peers, share case studies, and hear from other executives. We’ll record and transcribe for video, audio, print or PDF publication.

Rate: $20,000

Conference Development

Whether it’s a webinar or a live event, we’re your outsource partner for conference management—from finding the venue to décor; from content development and organization to managing the P+L; and from recruiting speakers to moderating sessions.

Rate: Variable

Consulting Services

With staffs smaller, and expertise harder than ever to find, Long Hill Media helps companies identify and address areas for skills improvement. These include:

  • Audience development and management. We deploy our industry-leading expertise to help you manage and grow your database, qualify your audience, work with critical vendors, and market your products and services.
  • Business writing. From formal letters and proposals, to day-to-day email communications, we provide expert guidance, for both internal and external communications.
  • Sales training. We bring decades of experience to offer intensive training services covering research, prospecting, getting meetings, preparation, presentations, and follow-up. Plus we advise on non-verbal communications in all business settings.
  • Presentation training. We help your team improve its presentations, whether for a sales meeting, a management presentation, or a conference session. We’ll cover pre-meeting prep, rehearsal, use of slides, and audience engagement.
  • We help develop marketing collateral and other materials, including brochures, sell sheets and ad copy.
  • Custom content. We excel at executive thought leadership and ghostwriting.

Rate: Variable