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Survey: Databases and UX Top 2020 Priority List For B2B Media

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Revenue growth and diversification in the digital realm is the major focus for media companies as they move into 2020, with publishers prioritizing a wide range of initiatives, according to a new survey on B2B digital strategies.

Publishers Diversify Away From Flip-Format Digital Editions

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The flip-page digital magazine is still very common in the magazine industry, but a new survey indicates that half of all publishers use them in conjunction with some other digital-publishing solution, such as an app or a responsive web solution. The primary reason they include digital editions as part of their product mix, according to…

The Digital Edition Disconnect

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Digital editions have been part of the product mix and distribution strategy for magazines for 20 years, but there’s a persistent disconnect in the conversation about them. On the one hand, companies view them as useful mostly for reducing costs and propping up audited circulation. They’re an old format, like record albums, some publishers say. People…

Content Marketing’s Best-Known Evangelist Takes A Big-Picture Look At Where The Form Is Headed

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In the booming advertising form known as content marketing, no one active in the business today has done more to foster that boom and build an intellectual framework around it than Joe Pulizzi. The Cleveland-based entrepreneur started using the term “content marketing” as far back as 2001, and built out a content-marketing operation for Penton…

Here’s What The American Chemical Society Learned When It Launched A Content-Marketing Studio

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What’s the new currency of advertising? It’s content. Ad spend is declining across the media industry—except in content marketing.

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