ICD Publications Divests Iconic Hospitality Brands

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NEW YORK— The B2B media company ICD Publications has sold two brands, the iconic Hotel Business and a partner brand,…

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How Media Companies Are Adapting And Finding Success In A Time Of Pandemic

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Faced with a global pandemic and an economic shutdown, many media companies have suffered year-over-year revenue declines. But the surprising…

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Survey: Databases and UX Top 2020 Priority List For B2B Media

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Revenue growth and diversification in the digital realm is the major focus for media companies as they move into 2020, with publishers prioritizing a wide range of initiatives, according to a new survey on B2B digital strategies.

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Publishers Diversify Away From Flip-Format Digital Editions

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The flip-page digital magazine is still very common in the magazine industry, but a new survey indicates that half of…

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The Digital Edition Disconnect

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Digital editions have been part of the product mix and distribution strategy for magazines for 20 years, but there’s a…

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Here’s What The American Chemical Society Learned When It Launched A Content-Marketing Studio

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What’s the new currency of advertising? It’s content. Ad spend is declining across the media industry—except in content marketing.

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Print Magazines Are a Thought Leadership Medium: Just Ask Facebook

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In the United Kingdom and Northern Europe, Facebook is launching a customer marketing program called Grow.

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Multinational Conglomerate GE Goes All In On Content Marketing

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Major brands are using custom content as an increasingly important part of their marketing mix.

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A Content Marketing Success Story: GMC The Magazine

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I bought a GMC sport-utility vehicle last year, and just about two weeks ago, I got the Summer 2018 edition of GMC The Magazine.

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